Welcome to the cosmopolitan world of

Nikki Doll. 

With rhythm in her step and a voice charged with raw emotion and soul,

Nikki Doll’s consummate performances & eclectic repertoire, conjures a luxurious & seamless fabric of worldly, musical exaltation.

Harnessing her dynamic intuition, artful prowess, & multi-cultural heritage, Nikki Doll’s spirited performances, masterful expression & storytelling, classically anoint and depict her charming and animated vista of life.

Whether having an intimate audience in raptures with her bewitching serenade, or leading the charging frontline at a festival frenzy ... metamorphosing from one evolution & incantation to the next ...

Nikki Doll’s interactive delivery,

all inclusive & engaging, leaves audiences exhilarated and uplifted from the musical remedy that she prescribes for a dynamic soul experience. 

Undoubtedly & resoundingly ....

Nikki Doll IS ...all heart & soul.